The Chembra Peak – Untouched part of Kerala

“Can you see the group of tuskers in the jungle down?” our guide Hari asked.

We zoomed our camera in and somehow managed to focus on them. They were four in numbers, wild Indian tuskers. Kerala – “God’s own country always been famous for elephants. But it was unexpected to see them from Chembra, the highest peak (2100 m above sea level) of Wayanad hills. It is also one of the highest peaks of Western ghat.

It is located near Meppadi and 8 km south of Kalpetta.


Before starting the Chembra Peak Trekking

We started around 7 Am from our hotel in Sulthan Bathery after having a light breakfast. We reached the ticket counter by 8.15 Am. The route was through the tea plantation. After getting the tickets we reached the trekking start point by 8.30.


on the way to Chembra Peak

We started walking through the greens, which we usually miss in our city life. gradually the route became steeper and rocky, the forest became denser. We could hear the elephant trumpet. Realized that they are somewhere nearby! It was spine-chilling!


Chembra Peak Wayanad  image source:


The trek was tiring but we continued. There were rocks, big rocks, bends, narrow passages as we passed. Suddenly it started drizzling, and we thought we were stuck in the middle of a jungle. We waited for ten minutes, luckily the drizzling slowed down and we resumed our trek. Although the path became slippery, it added more adventure to the trip. On the way we found a water stream. Hari asked us to collect some water, as it is a natural mineral water. One or two sips of it energized us back.

There is a heart shaped lake in the midst of green on the top. It was a treat to the eyes. We were wondering, how a water body is formed there in the top! After spending some time there, we started again for the chembra peak.


Infront of the Chembra Peak Lake


Finally, we have reached the beautiful Chembra peak. We could see the entire Wayanad from the top. The air was so fresh, view was breath taking. The serenity worth every struggle we did while climbing up. Seeing tuskers was a bonus.


view from the top of Chembra Peak (A bit foggy)


Tusker Elephants in the forest (camera Zoomed)


We were not feeling to come down, but of course we had to.


at the Chembra peak Wayanad


The down hill trek was comparatively easier but due to the rain the rocks became slippery. Few places we had to crawl down literally.



down hill trek

It took around five hours to trek around five km up and down, including the breaks, considering we are not regular trkkers. Our feet were heavy and strained, but our hearts delighted. Beautifully maintained Chembra peak gave us a lifetime experience to cherish about.


Chembra Peak visiting hours


Points to remember before you visit chembra peak:

  • You must wear a pair of trekking or sports shoes.
  • carry a UV protected sunglass .
  • apply sunscreen
  • Dress up lightly.
  • You must carry water.
  • The ticket for trekking costs rs 750/- for maximum a group of ten.
  • Carry your camera to click beautiful photos.
  • Not recommended for elderly people and children.
  • Reach the ticket counter as early as possible as they allow maximum of 200 visitors daily & the trekking time is 7 am to 2 pm.
  • ** Heard that Chembra is closed temporarily due to a fire alert

Chembra peak map is here.


Been to Chembra Peak? Please share your story with us.

Happy travelling!




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