A day trip to Mahabaleswar

“The milk shake tastes incredible! How did you make it?” My friend from Kolkata asked.

“Yeh! I love this too. I have picked up a bottle of strawberry crush from one of the Mapro gardens in Mahabeswar” I replied.

Last month when my parents came over my place in Pune we planned a day trip to Mahabaleswar, one of the most popular hill station in Western Ghats range of India.

We started at six in the morning by car. It takes around three and half hours to reach mahabaleswar from pune. Vijay, our driver said that the road becomes very crowded during monsoon. It was April end; the road was less crowded and beautiful.

We reached the Mapro garden in Mahabaleswar around 9.15 Am. Mapro garden is basically a garden park famous for producing strawberries. The garden is well decorated with lush green park, various plants and the pink and white-water lily. Obviously, we clicked some snaps.




Beautiful Mapro Garden


Mapro garden also sells strawberry products like jam, crushes, candies and many more.


Products for sell in Mapro Garden

We were hungry so we had our breakfast there itself. We orderd sandwiched and fresh strawberry juice. The strawberry juice was delicious. The breakfast was followed by some shopping. We bought strawberry jam, crushes, candies etc.

Voila! You can buy the crush here! Simply click on the below picture. 🙂


As we came out of the garden we saw lot of village men and women are selling fresh strawberries and mulberries. Unlike the super market ones, you can taste and buy them. Isn’t that sounds great! We purchased lot of fresh strawberries and few of the mulberries. My mind was already planning for the next recipe! 😉

Now our next destination was the kate’s point. This was named after the British governor Sir John Malcom’s daughter.  The view was spectacular. The Krishna river valley and the deep blue colored Dhom Dam was making the frame completely picturesque. Like other tourists we clicked many snaps.



View from kate’s point

There we witnessed a funny yet interesting incident. While clicking the photos we kept the water bottle on a wall, just a hand away we were standing. Suddenly a monkey came, captured our bottle and started tearing the bottle. Once the middle part of the bottle was completely teared up, he started drinking the water. He was very thirsty I feel!

After drinking the water, he found a cotton candy, and finished his meal with that.

Next, we forwarded toward Arthur’s seat point. As expected the view here was again spectacular. Coming from a concrete jungle, we were very close to the nature. The air was pure to breathe, the greeneries were soothing to the eyes.


View from Arthur’s seat point

We were already hungry, so our next destination was a restaurant. After having a delicious lunch, we forwarded towards our last destination “Krishnabai temple”

After reaching the parking area of the temple, we had to walk around 5-7 minutes to reach the temple and the way was in the middle of a jungle. The empty path was making our walk really thrilling.101112


Krishnabai Temple

The green backdrop was making the ancient temple magnificent. According to Hindu mythology, this temple was constructed by the Pandavas. This is a Siva temple and inside the temple we saw the origin of river Krishna.

Unlike other spots of Mahabaleswar, Krishnabai temple was very much less crowded. But the beauty of the temple really worth the visit.

After spending around half and hour there, it was time to retun home. We were bit tired physically but mentally Mahabaleswar left us recharged.

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After a short break I am back with this new article. I was held up with unavoidable stuffs and hence I couldn’t write! So, did you like it?

Have you been to mahabaleswar? Please feel free to leave your feedback and experience below in the comment section.

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15 Comments on “A day trip to Mahabaleswar

    • Hi Jen, I am so happy that you liked the photos. And yes please do visit the place in future.
      Strawberry crush is devine.. I just love them 🙂 I have just linked the product in my blog, though it is available in amazon India, but you may get it globally as well.


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