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10369900_637889976293088_9118232601147643627_n (1)The drops of bright colors on the milky white canvas, the mud on my snickers, an Indian pancake served on an empty plate, the tune of a Tagore song or a bright and heavy silk saree from some corner of India- I am obsessed about all of the above.

Hi there, my name is Sayanti, welcome to my blog, Weekend Hamesha.

Currently based out of Pune, after witnessing five years in the heart of South India, Chennai, and early twenty-six years in Kolkata, I have had my bit of experience in quite a variety of cultures.

After quitting my full time corporate job (by choice) in 2016, I decided to invest my share of time for my passions.  From splashing paints on the blank canvases, to experimenting in the kitchen, be it a traditional Indian starter or an Italian dessert, my imaginations started taking shape and size of all the beautiful wishes I was bearing till now.


When I painted Frida Kahlo.

methi chicken

My love for cooking

And what about my biggest turn-ons? Travelling, fashion and the love for Indian culture? Well, I have never stopped fascinating about them; even when I had the 10 hrs corporate job.


Little Adam’s peak- Sri Lanka

One fine morning while sipping my coffee, a thought popped up in my mind. Why not share my stories, my experiences, my love with everyone? It took few days to conceptualize the Idea, and finally it took the shape of my blog.

The word weekend is usually cheerful. Whenever I think about “weekend” I visualize happy faces. While creating the blog I wanted my readers to get delighted, whenever they read my share of stories. So, come and indulge yourself in all the joyous activities every day, that you usually save for your “weekend”. I name it Weekend Hamesha.

PS: Hamesha is a Hindi word and the dictionary meaning is “Always”


That was a whole page, just about me!


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Daily Prompt : Warning

I was sitting inside the Innova, looking through the window. The road was too rough, the climate was cold. I couldn’t imagine that we  have just crossed the world’s highest motor-able road!

The blue sky, rough mountains, yaks and the road warning signs were notifying us that we are towards the heaven- Nubra valley. Nubra- the land of cold desert & Bactrian camel.


The Virgin Lakkidi / Avalanche lake Ooty

Sitting in the hotel balcony, I had the last sip of my morning tea. The aroma of this Blue Mountain tea always boosts my mood up.

The second day of our sudden weekend trip to Ooty, a hill station in southern India, started like so.

Around 8.00 am we got ready and started for the Lakkidi lake, back water of Upper Bhavani reservoir, situated around 25-30 km away from Ooty. It is commonly known as Avalanche Lake, nicely maintained by Tamil Nadu forest department.

Reaching the forest check point around 9.00 am we booked a marshal car. The forest department allows eight people in one single car, fortunately we met six fellow tourists.

Our journey from now was literally a forest safari. A shady path through the dense forest, the calmness of the woodland, chirp of birds were making our journey exhilarating.


shola forest (cauliflower canopy)

The forest we were passing by, looked like cauliflower canopy. This kind of forest locally known as shola forest. We halted there to click some snaps with the picturesque Shola forest back drop. After spending around ten minutes there we resumed our safari.




with the backdrop of cauliflower canopy


path to the lake


The next halt was to see a small water fall. It was a rocky water fall, surrounded by greens.


Infront of the waterfall

Clear sky, green forest and the water fall all were amazing, but the most spectacular part yet to come, the lake.

10369900_637889976293088_9118232601147643627_n (1)

The view


Finally, we reached the lake after forty-five minutes of safari. I have never seen heaven, but Now I could imagine how it would be! I could see the bright blue lake surrounded by lovely sienna colored land and green knolls. It was breath-taking.


The lakkidi (avalanche) lake

We walked little to reach the lake. The crystal-clear water of the serene Lakkidi lake blown my mind. I haven’t seen such clear lake before! We spent around 20 minutes there. I wish I could stay longer. I wish I could stay there forever.


The avalanche lake Ooty

The lake is usually very less crowded as the forest department allows only two cars or one bus at a time.

We came back to the forest check point, after witnessing the spectacular Lakkidi lake.

Here is the map of Lakkidi lake- Ooty:

Things to remember:

  • The total trip takes around two hours.
  • The forest department doesn’t allow to take any plastic food packets inside the forest, hence its better to eat something before you start and carry non-disposable water bottles.
  • Carry sunglasses, caps and apply sunscreen.
  • Don’t forget to carry your camera or smart phone to store the lifetime memory.
  • For the car safari you have to pay INR 150/- (per head)
  • Timings: 8 am to 6 pm daily.

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Me & the new city- Daily Prompt

Neither I was frantic, nor anxious. Why shall I in fact? This was not the first time I am relocating.

I have relocated from a small town to a metro city at the age of 21. I have relocated again from one metro to another when I was 26. Now I am 31. There was no reasons for worries.

I have relocated to a new city for exactly 60 day now. I have already started loving the locality, the people and of course my home.


favorite corner of my home.


The Daily Post: Photo Challenge- Rise/Set

“Keep your face always towards the sunshine- And shadow will fall behind you”- Walt Whitman.

sunrise” to me is a new day, a new beginning, a new hope. The magnificent dawn unveils the beauty of our planet. Sky becomes bluer and grass looks greener with the sunlight.

During our Srilanka trip, I witnessed a spectacular sunrise. It was before our trek to “the world’s end”. I can still visualize the picturesque sun kissed Horton plains. The view was heavenly.

here are some photographs.


Srilankan Sunrise

sunshine 2

Horton Plains (way to world’s end) just after the sunrise.


How do you like the photographs (clicked in Canon digital cam) ? Please leave a comment below.

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Micro is amazing! (Daily prompts)

Micro” is such a powerful word! It sounds so tiny but, power is huge!

Take the example of Microscope. It can see such tiny objects!

Think about Microorganisms, it can affect human health so badly!

Look at the Micro SD card. It can carry so much stuffs!

Speak in the microphone, even if you speak low, It is going to make it loud!

Microphone. (image source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/zigazou76/ )

Isn’t that amazing!

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